Sunday, November 15, 2009

Official Pictures

Hello everyone!
Here are some samples of the official photos by Mangored

Mr. & Mrs. Moll

with the gang

for the rest, check it here

i have nothing more to say except SUPER thanks to MangoRED Rockstars!
{we can't wait for the final output...rush rush rush!}

Monday, November 9, 2009

Our one of a kind SDE {onsite video}

Here is Mayad's Studios work of art specially made for our Wedstock 

kid and ivy from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

 As sheena of Mayad would say "nothing ordinary in this SDE"

You can view the whole blog entry of Mayad Studios here.

A big thanks to Mayad Studios, one of the most talented videographers in the whole world :)

Wedding Pictures {unedited}

Just like to share some photos of our wedding

{few of our entourage}

{our wedding cake}

{photoshoot at CWC right after the ceremony}

More pictures to come...

All pictures courtesy of Kerwin

...waiting for pictures from Mangored and Sean Sean...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Our Wedstock invite

I know this is a bit late already
But i would like to share our wedding invite to:

our friends
offbeat brides
rock n' roll couple
those who wanted to see a glimpse of our invite
those we forgot to send invite 

P.S this is not the original color, when i compressed the file {as the original one is 12.5MB} the color becomes like this.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Special Thanks to our very own Manay Annie

Let me share to you her blog entry regarding the wedding.

Enjoy reading here.

Thanks so much Manay Annie :)

Thanks to everyone!

To all who've attended,
who've helped,
who were part of the crew
and to everyone who've shared the rock 'n roll WEDSTOCK event with us...

a big THANKS to all of you.

P.S. I'll keep you guys updated of all the pictures and videos of the wedstock.
Just keep on reading our updates...

Friday, September 25, 2009

For our Premier guests

Our Premier guest are recommended to dress up in

Dressy Casual

accdg to
{..calls for a dressed-up versions of casual looks. 
For him, it could be trousers and a sportcoat like this.
For her, a pant suit, a dress, or coordinated separates in semi-dressy fabric like this.
Jeans,shorts,T-shirts and other casual looks are not appropriate}

Simply put it this should not be too dressy nor too casual.

Have fun and experiment!

See you at the party...

Dresses for our Secondary Sponsor...

I actually have no gown designs for our {girls}Secondary Sponsors
But you just got to keep these 4 simple rules:

1. Length: above the knee {but decent} 
2. Keep the color motiff  {black | aquamarine}
3. It should be a rockstar-worthy garb!
4. Black shoes (pointy or rounded, ur choice)

Here are some lovely samples:

Better yet check this site for inspiration
and also this site.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Buttonaire alernatives

Hurrah! finally i've found what i'm looking for
Cute buttonaires that is sure to rock {the show}

Caution: not for the tradition-hearted oldies!{:}

Just look at the thing at the bottom right{so artful} 

Check it out at this amazing site

Wedding Gown

I was looking for a wedding gown that is not so girly and would 'edgify'  my personality 
here are my favorites...

In case you've noticed, most of these are from Vera Wang's Spring 2010 collection

I can't wait for my initial fitting with Ms. Carmen Lazaro...i hope it's close to this gorgeous designs

Logo #3 Won!

This is gonna be the official logo for the Wedstock...

P.S. Thanks to those who gave insights, you were a great help.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pick a Logo

Which logo is for Ink?


 or This,

So hard to choose... K pls. help me!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Update on Suppliers...

15. Suit for groom - Mike Bustos of Sarto
16. Customized shoes for Bride and Groom -

More to come!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Prenuptial Photoshoot

Last Aug 1 & 2 we had our prenuptial shots. It was 2 hectic days of unending movements...walking, running, posing, smiling, pouting, lying, bringing out those emotions,pretending :). Kudos to 'hyper' Sean and  jolly' Kaye for the wonderful and exciting experience(being artista!)...hahaha.

Here are some of the prenup photos as teasers. I tell you this is just 1/500 shots by Sean and 'gorgeous' pics. Enjoy!

I forgot to is sean's site, pls. do check it out:

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009

Final Suppliers List

I've been itching for days now to finally post our list of suppliers, and here they are:
  1. Wedding host - Bobby Galang
  2. Wedding Coordinator - PaperCut Events and An Affair to Remember
  3. Photographer - Mangored
  4. Photographer - Sean Obmerga
  5. Videographer - Mayad Studios
  6. Wedding gowns - Carmen Lazaro
  7. Florist - Fleurentina
  8. Caterer - Biggs Diner
  9. Reception Stylist - Manoy Biboy :)
  10. Lights and Sounds - Batallier Sound System
  11. Church Choir - Caceres Chorale
  12. Additional Musical Scoring - Eternal Now or Kitchen Sync
  13. Printing Needs - IBones
  14. Stationary Layout - Ann Viloria and Marlon Cuadrante
We'll give a rundown on how we were able to handpicked our suppliers in our upcoming blogs :)

Announcement! Change in date...

InK decided to have the Big Ink event on OCTOBER 25, 2009 instead of August 8, 2009.


We just needed another 2 1/2 months of preparation. We wanted the event to be 'near perfect' :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wedding Theme

For those who are planning their wedding,in case you don't know the answers to questions such as:

1. What will be the motiff?
2. What will be the design of the invites?
3. What will be the design of the reception place?
4. What will be the give aways?
5. What is the flow of the program?

It will be a lot easier (to answer such questions) if you decide upon a central theme.

We came up with our wedding theme, with the purpose of making it easier to plan and execute the event.

Our wedding theme, revolves around us being 'musicians'. Us breathing and making music. Coherently, we decided on a "Musical Festival" theme wedding. We don't want to pin it down to a particular genre since we love all types of music.

Everything in our wedding will be a remnant of this theme. Our very own 'WEDSTOCK'.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Evaluating 'Gig' Venue

A rundown of the scoresheet for the best wedding gig venue. The lower the score the better.

1. The Eco Park, Naga City
  • Amount of work to be done - 10 pts. The place looks like a rainforest,its so bare that even the most equiped/creative event stylist would sigh in disbelief. Put together rain contingencies,lighting effects, mosquito and other insect repellants,supplier logistics, comfort rooms etc...
  • Bucks consideration - 7 pts. The place can be rented in a relatively cheap rate (5k-6k). What makes it 7 pts is that it is not bundled with the caterers,we could have saved 5k-6k if it was. We also need to consider the amount of decorations to be thrown in the budget.
  • Can it relate to our theme? - 5 pts. Since the place itself is bare, we can have all the freedom to transform it to anything that we like plus it has a beautiful stage which can pass as a perfect harmony of rock concert feel and decency. Also worth mentioning, the place is more of a Mid Summer Nights Dream feel.
  • Perks - 8pts. Only the discount that was given to K because of the blood relationship with the caretaker.
All in all 30 pts.

2. The Club House, Jardin Real de Naga
  • Amount of work to be done - 6pts. This place was made for this type of functions, so the layout is pretty impresive and well planned out.The only decorations left to be done are the table settings plus transforming it to the 'theme' that we envisioned. Also, the space is just right for the planned number of guests.
  • Bucks consideration - 3pt. This place is for free, because it's already bundled with the food. The only costs is for the additional event styling.
  • Can it relate to our theme? - 5pts. This will depend upon our events stylist,since the place is ready for anything. Except of course for the extended time of partying and merrymaking, which might cause distrubance to surrounding areas(this is situated inside a private subdivision).Throw in the PA setup,stage, black balloons,kiddie station,vines of all sorts,etc..
  • Perks - 3pts. Are your kidding?This place is for free...What additional perks could you ask for.Plus the 'special discount' that we got from our Caterer.
All in all 15 pts. ;)

3. The Villas at CWC Sports Complex

  • Amount of work to be done - 7pts. The place is big, so it needs  a hefty amount of decoration requirements. But similar to The Clubhouse, this structure was made for this type of functions.
  • Bucks consideration - 4pts. Although the place is for free,since it is bundled with the food, the cost of styling and decorating the place may eat up a significant portion of the budget.
  • Can it relate our theme? -  2pt. Hell yeah! We can put up large PA systems, concert-like stages and we can decorate it to be the Big I'nk Event venue and nobody in the neighborhood will care.
  • Perks - 2pts. Aside from the 0 cost consideration, it is strategically located in the heart of CWC, guests can enjoy both the event and wakeboarding/swimming etc... 
All in all 15 pts. ;)

Ooh it's a tie, what's next?

Where will be the 'gig'?

We started planning out our wedding 1st quarter of 2008(that's more than a year before the I'nK about planning!). And one of the very first decisions that we need to come up with is the reception venue. We had a couple of options but we ended up torn between this 2 places..ops pahabol 3 places pala:

1. Naga City's Eco Park which is situated in Bgy San Felipe
2. The Clubhouse, Jardin Real de Naga
3. The Villa in Cam Sur Water Complex

How will we decide? Let's evaluate it based on:
1. Amount of work(beautification) to be done. 10 pts needs a lot of work to done and 1pt no work to be done.
2. Bucks consideration. 10 pts for costly and 1pt practical
3. Can it relate to our 'theme'? 10 pts is not supportive of our theme and 1pt as a perfect match. 
4. Perks..perks...perks...10pts no perks at all and 1 pt perks perks and perks...

Monday, April 6, 2009

Caught between 2 churches...Pt 2 Metropolitan Cathedral

Why not Metropolitan Cathedral?

Obviously,this was not our first choice because of some reasons:
1. The noise outside the church can be heard inside. Noises such as tricycles, jeeps,cars etc..This is so because this church is situated in the heart of Naga City.
2. The church has a poor sound system. People at the back cannot hear clearly what the priest is saying.
3. There is a chance that passerby  are likely to drop by and 'watch' what is goin' on.

Why Metropolitan Cathedral?

We had a time to rethink of the 'possibility' of this Church and our only deciding factor was if we can book it earlier. 
1. The church's interior was sooooo magnificent, we're so confident that it will be so gorgeous on print.
2. Its proximity to 'centro' makes it convenient to guests. Centro means access to Hotels,Department Stores(for gifts!),Restaurants etc.
3. Interior lighting is conducive for photo ops/effects. 
4. The church's rate is relatively cheaper than Basilica Minore. We saved a few bucks! 
5. We had it booked last December 2008. I think they are considerate to couples who wanted everything to be planned beforehand. Thanks!phew...

Although its hard to decide, we settled for Metropolitan Cathedral.

Caught between two churches... Pt. 1-Basilica Minore Church

While looking for the perfect place to exchange our I Dos, we were caught between these 2 magnificent churches in Naga City. Metropolitan Cathedral vs Basilica Minore Church

Why Basilica Minore Church?
This is actually our first choice because of several reasons:
1. The place is so solemn which gives you an 'airy' and 'heavenly' feeling.
2. The place is so tranquil, one cannot here noisy rumblings of tricycles,jeeps,cars, etc...  
3. It also gives you a certain privacy since it is not situated in the heart of the city.You can be saved from prying eyes and ears of ususeros.( It is a 15 minute ride from 'centro')
4. The audio system is good.
5. The church itself is spacious and well lighted.

Why not Basilica Minore Church?
1. They do not accept early bookings. We went there Nov 2008, which is 9 months before the wedding, to book the event but they said they are not yet accepting bookings for August 2009. (Maybe they are not keen on couples who wanted to prepare everything in advance)
2. The church is still under construction.  
3. I was pretty sold to the idea that Basilica can pull it off beautifully in pictures but when we went there to take a look at the interiors, we saw some pillar moldings that is under construction. When i asked my tita who worked as an Engineer there,  i was a bit disappointed as she was not even sure when will the completion date be. They are still awaiting donations for future months :(
4. We went there during an actual wedding ceremony just to estimate how much work is needed in decorating the church. And i am quite disappointed that even the most beautiful flowers adorning the isles and the altar cannot pull off the empty and plain space of the church.The church is way too big and the background is so plain that it eats up all the decorations in the church.
5. The lights are like those in the mall. I don't know the implications but i think in pictures it flattens the subjects??.  

August 8, 2009- The Big I'nK Event

InK have decided to have the event on August 8, 2009.Next question, what's the significance of the date?

Actually there are several practical reasons for having August 8 as our wedding day. Below are just partial listing:
1. Because both of us are born in the month of August.( but that doesn't make us belong to a similar zodiac sign, I is a Leo and K is a Virgo). It's quite practical to have all the celebrations in August lumped into a one Big Celebration. Although the date of the Big Event every Aug is negotiable, Aug 9 is I's b-day while Aug 26 is K's b-day and our wedding (anniversary) is Aug 8.
2. It is said that 8  and 9 is a lucky number. 8 is for August,8 is the actual date while 9 is for 2009.
3. We wanted the day to be Saturday. So that guests coming from Manila are on a weekend-off.

I cannot think of anything more.

Save the date.

"Why I can't resist K?"-- I

i love to pinch his plump cheeks until it's flushed with traces of his crimson blood...
i love to hug his bear-body, it reminds me of my good ol' gigantic teddy bear...
i love to gently strike his big-balled stomach, it makes my teeth wince with pleasure...
(i can't bear his pleading stares, it makes me shrink with guilt...)

i love it when he makes funny faces, he makes david letterman a dramatic host...  

i appreciate his caring and thoughtful attitude, it makes me reconsider my gender...
i adore his paternal/brotherly instinct on me, i don't need to ask, he instantly provides it for me...
i love his humility, sometimes i believe he can be a saint...
i adore his intelligent view on universal things, it makes me question NASA...
it irritates me when we discuss and argue on complicated issues, but most of the time he gives the most sensible and mature arguments...
i love his theory on life, it constantly varies each time he struggles on something...

More than enough i think. Nobody can really argue on me why I can't resist to be with 'K'. He's my perfect KID.

A gig to the Altar

12 long years have passed that we've finally decided to end up our 'kiddie relationship' and take it up to another level which is to a much 'older relationship' (just to make a point). 

This blog would detail everything related to our gig to the altar.